Everyone loves gin at the moment right?

It seems a new artisan micro-distillery opens it’s doors every five minutes, so with an influx of newbies in this ever increasingly saturated market what can the small batch boutique businesses do to turn the consumers head?

The right branding and bottle design has never been more important and so it was with great please that the team at WE ARE PIXELS decided to wade in and offer up our top five gin picks, based on brand, presentations and taste, in that order as lets face it, it’s not so much the blend of botanicals as it is the brand on the bottle that help our top 5 stylish gins fly off the shelf.



This could be the original small batch gin that started the whole craze… I wouldn;t really say this is small batch anymore! The black bottle with vintage typeface and hand drawn logo design is as intriguing today as it was when the brand was first released over 15 years ago, the branding which has remained almost entirely unchanged in that time was clearly ahead of its time in looking backwards for apothecary influenced design cues and this bottle has provided much design inspiration to subsequent small batch gin brands. The tag line “It is not for everyone” is Marmite marketing at it’s best.


SIBLING DISTILLERY | Image by Shadowplay

Based in the heart of Cheltenham, small batch gin distilleries don’t get much more small batch than this – Sibling is a brand created by four brothers and sisters. Great name right? The botanical mix is smooth with tones of vanilla and blueberry and the result is a contemporary gin that matches it’s bold contemporary branding. We love the flat logo design with harlequin inspired imagery. A little insider glass print information – that’s real gold used on the bottle design don’t you know… Very fancy indeed.



This American Gin is regularly beating the likes of Bombay Sapphire and Hendricks in taste tests and the bottle design is holding it’s own in the contemporary branding department too. We love the simple monotone flat design label and elegantly sculptured bottle shape. The aeroplane logo mark is strong and the monogrammed glass adds a real touch of class. Don’t tell me that if you saw that bottle behind the bar you wouldn’t be tempted to stray from your regular tipple. This is the result of a recent rebrand for Aviation gin and they’ve come out flying.



Many people including Christian Kern treasure this gin for its “floral and citrus aromas, hints of liquorice and vanilla and juniper background” which make it aromatic and smooth. We, on the other hand treasure it for the opaque white medicine bottle design with graphic nautical logo mark incorporating a blue color pop word mark within the contemporary flat branding. It’s a revolution… This is Vorsprung durch Technik at it’s finest earning Gin Sul a very respectable 2nd place in our gin bottle design charts.

Created at Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery — New York’s first licensed distillery since Prohibition — this crisp, smooth gin is the first Brooklyn Distilling Company product in over 100 years, and is made using hand-cracked juniper berries, freshly-cut citrus peels, and other locally-sourced ingredients that give it its simple, satisfying flavor… But forget all that! Check out that drop dead beautiful bottle. It wins first place in our best branded gin bottle round up for the classy contemporary designed tinted blue/green glass, deep set logo monogram with a mix of glass and metal that makes you know you are drinking a premium item before the seal on that beautifully crafted bottle design is even broken.